Meet Bonnie
I am the mom of 6 boys and have taught all of them how to drive ,some before I became an instructor. Since becoming one I have found a lot of satisfaction in helping many other new drivers learn how to drive safely on our BC roads. I love to see people not only succeed in their driving test but also learn how to be a defensive, safe driver. I am hoping the skills I teach them to pass their test will continue to keep them driving safely for many years to come!
Meet Trevor
Trevor grew up on a farm in southern Manitoba where he starting driving quad at the age of 5. Since then he has driven everything thing from tractors to snowmobiles to race cars. Trevor enjoys working with people, watching their development, and delivering a driving school experience that is second to none.
Meet Cassie
Can you believe I was terrified of driving? I found myself shaking in my boots when it came to picking up the keys and driving when I was 16. By educating myself I was more prepared for driving and the situations that can be experienced when out on the roads. Now that I am an instructor I enjoy sharing all the knowledge that I have gained through driving courses and the training that instructors must go through. I now find driving a fun and enjoyable experience in life and love being a part of my new student milestone.
Meet Marnie
Marnie was born to drive! She can operate anything on wheels, this is why she has always wanted to become an instructor and to teach drivers from all different experience levels how to become a safe and defensive driver. She enjoys sharing the experience of driving and the responsibility that goes along with it. She works with her student to help them achieve their goals and the goals she sets for them. She strives to make her students feel comfortable and aware drivers. As Marnie always says...Let’s roll!
Meet Peter
Peter joins the All Canadian Driving School team with such a dynamic driving history! Peter has experience driving cars, flatbeds, as well as trucks. From years as a deliver driver, to having been a chauffeur, driving limousines and buses, we know that Peter knows defensive driving like the back of his hand. We are excited for Peter to put all of those years of road experience to work for All Canadian Driving School!
Meet Gary
We are so excited to have Gary join our team at All Canadian Driving School! Gary comes to us with a vast amount of experience and knowledge, having been a driving instructor in several provinces and having provided training to RCMP Driving Unit members. We can say with confidence that, with Gary as your driving instructor, you will be a fully prepared and safe driver!
Meet Tim
Tim became a driving instructor in 2005 and has experience teaching people between the ages of 16 to 99 and at every level of experience. His calm, relaxed presence in the car helps students to overcome their anxiety about driving in order to learn safely.
Meet Robert
Robert joined All Canadian Driving School bringing nearly a decade of professional experience to the team. Through working in education in one form or another for over 13 years, he is able to ensure that the information being taught is understood and implemented. His calm demeanor aids his students as they process the situation they are in. Robert is very exceptional at keeping them collected in even the most challenging scenarios.
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